Philadelphia City Paper Publisher Paul Curci Announces Departure

Paul Curci, publisher of Philadelphia City Paper, is stepping down after twenty-seven years with the paper, fourteen of those as publisher.

In an email sent out this morning, Curci says that he is leaving to pursue management consulting opportunities. “I’ve long been interested in helping organizations improve performance, and manage change, through coaching and consulting,” he wrote.

City Paper associate publisher Nancy Stuski will ascend to publisher upon Curci’s departure, which will take effect on December 31.

Curci twice served on the AAN Board of Directors, first as Marketing Chair and later as Convention Chair when City Paper hosted AAN’s 2008 Annual Convention.

In a farewell column, Curci says that he is leaving behind a strong team at City Paper:

I’m quite clear on several things: 1) The owners of City Paper are as thoughtful as they come; 2) the management team is stronger than ever; and 3) the culture at City Paper remains among the best there is. In other words, the staff really works well together.

And, with those things in mind, my decision was somehow made easier. Having those three assets in place assures me that the child I helped raise and nurture will continue to grow and find its way in the world. And so will I.

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