Phoenix Newspapers Collect 16 First Place Awards at NEPA


The Phoenix newspapers and were major winners in this year’s New England Press Association (NEPA) Better Newspaper Contest. Maine’s Portland Phoenix scored this year’s prize of prizes — the George A. Speers Newspaper of the Year Award, and the Boston Phoenix took first place for General Excellence. And the Portland Phoenix advertising and design departments won this year’s special award for General Excellence in Advertising. In total the Phoenix newspapers accepted 33 awards including 16 first-place finishes.

First Place:

General Excellence: the Boston Phoenix

Camille Dodero: Human Interest Feature – MySpace Memorials, March, 2006

Mike Miliard: Social Issues Feature – “Is the EFF the next ACLU?” Feb. 2006

David Bernstein: Transportation Reporting – “MBTA Fare Hike,” May 2006

David Bernstein: Investigative Reporting – “Boston Cops” series, Aug. and Oct. 2005 (“The Worst Homicide Squad in America ” “Bad Ballistics”) and May 2006 (“Overtime Game”)

Kristen Goodfriend: Illustration – “Attack of the 50-foot Oprah,” Feb. 2006

Mark Ostow (freelance): Personality Photo – Fernald School patient, Feb. 2006

Eric Levin (freelance): Photo Series – sneakers, Feb. 2006

Portland Phoenix staff: Local Election Coverage

Lance Tapley: Government Reporting – “Burning Money”

Sara Donnelly: History Reporting – “Preserving Maine Antiquities”

Jeff Inglis: General News Story – “Armory Arts Center”

Whit Richardson: Sports Reporting – “Sky Society”

Advertising: Local Ad Color

Advertising: Advertising Campaign

Advertising: Local Ad B&W

Second Place:

Vanessa Czarnecki: Business Reporting – “I’ll Be Watching You,” May 2006

Camille Dodero: Human Interest Feature Story – “Sneaker Culture”, Feb. 2006

Kristen Goodfriend: Photo Illustration – “Legos Beat Up Prisoners,” Nov. 2005

Tanit Sakakini (freelance): Personality Photo – Juliana Hatfield cover, July, 2005

Lance Tapley: Investigative Reporting – “Torture in Maine’s Prison” series

Sara Donnelly: General News Story – “Grass Roots Fire Fight”

Advertising: Local Ad Color

Third place:

David Bernstein: General News Story – “Prison Brutality”, Nov. 2005

Kristen Goodfriend: Photo Illustration – “Johnny Damon on a Wheaties Box,” Dec. 2005 Web Site

Boston Phoenix: Front Page

Boston Phoenix: Overall Design

Advertising: Local Ad Color

Advertising: Self-promotion

Phoenix Publisher Stephen Mindich commented, “I’m thrilled that the Phoenix editorial staff has received such high marks and praise from our peers.” Mindich added that “the N.E.P.A. Awards are particularly meaningful to us, as they reflect recognition by top-notch New England papers for the strong work that our writers and artists have done.”

The Phoenix newspapers are nationally recognized for award-winning, incisive journalism and comprehensive arts and entertainment coverage. Together with its Providence edition, it is one of the nation’s largest publications of its kind. All three papers are part of the Phoenix Media/Communications Group.

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