Press Release: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Weekly Dig Personnel Changes






Hear ye! Hear ye!

Let it be known that on this day of August Thirteenth, the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Ten that the News Editor of the Weekly Dig publication, one Cara Bayles of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has heretofore relinquished the role and title of News Editor and Managing Editor. The divine wit and wisdom of Miss Bayles will sorely be missed in the realm of the land. Pour out thine cup for her tonight, ye plebians! She has moved on to pastures none more green.

Indeed, the completion of a career has also come for one Graham Wilson of thine Weekly Dig! Wilson was one of the gangsters original of the mighty weekly newspaper, having been in a position of employment for over 10 year on now! Mr. Wilson has no lack of respect in the buying and selling of mead and brew. He will heretofore be in the commercial realm of the tonics and brews as a member of the equally mighty British Beer Company! Hark!

Also let it be know on this day of August Thirteenth, the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Ten that David Day, formerly the Music and Arts Editor of the Weekly Dig, will be Editor of the paper come Monday, August Sixteenth 2010 Anno Domini! At work in these offices nearly three years hence, Day take command from one James Stanton, heretofore to be known as Executive Editor of Dig Publishing empire.

Harken thine ears for the crier has yet to cease! Stepping into the footfalls of one Day as the Music and Arts Editor is none other than Miss Hilary Hughes of the towne of Somerville in the county of Middlesex! Hughes has been a contributing writer to the Weekly Dig and has experience at the Rolling Stone magazine and über-website Tea Party Boston (otherwise known in the land as SuperTonic!).

Ye olde release of the press is not yet completed! Hear ye, hear ye as the Weekly Dig announces another clarion call of employment wishes! In the role of Staff Writer for the department of editorial comes the scribe J. Patrick Brown! For the a few months hence, Mr. Brown has been in the role of writer and Calendar Czar with the merry company and now will hereby be known as Staff Writer!

Finally, and no, my good man, we are not yet through! Courtney Cox, once the magisterial Copy Chief and Style Editor of the Weekly known as Dig will carry on in the almighty title of Managing Editor! Cox has years been an integral contributor of Dig Publishing for her knowledge of the official words. Her intelligence and authority knows no bounds in the realm!

To Wilson and Bayles we bid a fonde farewell! And with our eyes still moist, we turn in the gaze of two new positions for Day and Cox, and with our nose then blown we heartily welcome the new members of the company in Hilary Hughes and J. Patrick Brown!

May this day of August Thirteenth, the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Ten be remembered as a glorious day! The light has shineth and the trees have turned yet again as the Weekly Dig, Boston’s finest of all publications, looks beyond the horizon to a more warm dawn, while yet as the departures of our old friends makes us wistful for the glories or yore.

Make haste to the parchments of your towne!

If ye know of questions beyond which may have been forgotten or no more covered by the words herein, please to direct them to the Publisher of the Weekly Dig, Mister Jeff Lawrence, Esq.:, 617.426.8942, ext. 222.

Here ye! Here ye!


Boston’s Weekly Dig is the free paper of record in Boston, out each and every Wednesday for more than 10 years now. It is part of Dig Publishing, LLC which also produces BeerAdvocate, the semi-annul manual Finder Boston and a plethora of guides and satellite publications. And not in Olde English.

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