Seattle Weekly Art Director Gets the NYT Treatment

The New York Times caught up with Seattle Weekly art director Boo Davis for a Q&A feature on her upcoming book, Dare to Be Square Quilting. Davis, who typically churns out quilts of the heavy-metal inspired variety (For example, “Rock Out With Your Cock Out“), says her book publisher wanted to go in a different direction:

I set out to do a hard-edged, metal-infused guide to quilting. My proposal outlined projects like a Blizzard of Oz scarf and a quilt called Snake Pit, as if Slash were to have a quilt on his bed . . . Potter Craft came back with, “We love your aesthetic, we love your voice, can you do a completely different book?” And I did just that and I’m actually happy with it. Craft books are a pretty expensive endeavor, and you want to make sure they will sell.

Boo’s book will be released on August 31.