SF Bay Guardian Reporter Explores the ‘Tribes of Burning Man’ in New Book

As tickets go on sale for the 25th annual Burning Man event, San Francisco Bay Guardian city editor Steven T. Jones has announced the release of his new book which explores the culture of the event's participants and the impact of the week-long gathering on American culture at large.

The Tribes of Burning Man: How An Experimental City in the Desert is Shaping the New American Counterculture, evolved out of a series of cover stories that Jones wrote for the Bay Guardian. As Jones (who is known as Scribe at the event) delved deeper into the community of adventurers that create a temporary city in the Nevada desert, the project grew into a full-length book:

Tribes reveals how Burning Man has taken on a new character in recent years, with the frontier finally becoming a real city and the many tribes that create the event—the fire artists, circus freaks, music lovers, do-gooders, sexual adventurers, grungy builders, and myriad other burner collectives—developing an impactful perennial presence in sister cities all over the world.

The book will officially be released on Feb. 17, and the Kindle version is already available on Amazon. Review copies of the book can be obtained by writing to brad@cccpublishing.com or steve@sfbg.com. 

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