Singer Cee-Lo Green (Sort Of ) Apologizes for Calling City Pages Music Critic “Gay”

Over the weekend, singer Cee-Lo Green became another example of a celebrity getting caught up in complications through the simplicity of Twitter.

Following a critical review from City Pages (Twin Cities) music editor Andrea Svensson, Green tweeted Friday:

“I respect your criticism, but be fair! People enjoyed last night! I’m guessing you’re gay? And my masculinity offended you? Well, f*** you!”

The post was later deleted, but not before several media outlets were able to grab screenshots.

Green said that he didn’t know the gender of Svensson, but he “always expect people to assume that everything I do is part of my character and sense of humor.”

He also said he shouldn’t “have to apologize for speaking my mind or defending my performance,” and insists he is not homophobic.

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