Swaim: Minor Clarification on The Nation’s LA Weekly Piece

The following email message was sent Thursday by current publisher of The District and former editor of OC Weekly Will Swaim to AAN executive director Richard Karpel. Swaim was writing to correct some mistaken information that was reported by The Nation and was included in a post last week on this website.

Referencing another website, AAN’s website says I told Jon Wiener that OC Weekly’s film coverage was run out of Denver. I accept that I’m responsible for any miscommunication, including this one, so let me clarify the point: I didn’t say that. Regardless of our ownership, OC Weekly always chose its film coverage from among lots of great film reviews generated in LA and NY.

But my general point remains: OC Weekly had far more independence under the old Village Voice than it does now. While it’s my opinion that the loss of that independence is a bad thing, it’s just my opinion. Wiener did a fine job conveying all that.

Will Swaim
The District Weekly

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