The Society of Professional Journalists' Rocky Mountain chapter presented its "Top of the Rockies" Excellence in Journalism Awards Saturday night in Denver. The contest, with participants from the four-state region of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming, attracted more than 500 entries. The Colorado Springs Independent took home nine awards, including first-place wins for Arts and Entertainment Reporting, Science/Environmental/Health Care Reporting, and Education Reporting. Salt Lake City Weekly won five awards, including first-place finishes in the General Reporting - Business and Investigative/Enterprise - Business categories. Boulder Weekly was given one award, a first-place finish in the Legal Affairs category.

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John Weiss has been named the recipient of the Citizens Project's 2010 Divine Award, which is given each year to someone who "create[s] a vibrant democracy in which equal rights are protected and differences are respected." Weiss' "leadership has created a more diverse, progressive and green Colorado Springs over the last 27 years," the Project says.

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"I wore a suit at my wedding, and between 1993 and 1994 I wore a suit at work," Colorado Springs Independent publisher John Weiss says in a Colorado Springs Business Journal piece about -- you guessed it -- suits. "I was trying to fit in and be legitimate ... But then I realized that the whole point of being the publisher of an alternative weekly was that you didn't have to wear a suit."

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