It its column "The Buzz," a Metro Silicon Valley competitor, The Wave Magazine, describes court documents related to an undercover investigation of unlicensed San Jose massage parlors that allegedly were being operated as brothels and employing illegal immigrants. The Wave suggests that "these houses of ill repute got the word out and drummed up demand by placing so-called 'escort' and 'massage' ads in alternative newspapers, including the Metro Silicon Valley." The Wave then quotes a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent as saying, "We do watch and monitor how those mediums are used to facilitate crime, one of those crimes being prostitution." The column goes on to discuss other incidents involving adult advertising at alternative weeklies.

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The dirty little secret of Silicon Valley governments is that they have been slow to embrace high-tech innovations, many produced by the 7,300 tech companies sitting in their backyards, William Dean Hinton reports for Metro Silicon Valley. In Santa Clara, you still have to view criminal records on microfiche, and there's no reliable search engine on the city of San Jose's Web site. The recognized leaders in E-government aren't on the West Coast but in cities like Nashville, Tenn., and Louisville, Mo.

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Dan Pulcrano, publisher of Metro Silicon Valley, says he's never "seen someone so blatantly try and enter a market by expropriating a trademark and associating it with a knockoff product as we have seen with the current 'SurfMetro/The Wave' folks." Federal Judge Claudia Wilken has issued a preliminary injunction against SurfMet Inc. barring them from using the Metro name on their publication and Web site. Wilken told SurfMet that she may allow them to use the mark "if you want to use it to sell toothbrushes in Des Moines—maybe."

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