The People Have Spoken: Design Sessions Added to NOLA Convention Program

Ask and you will receive. Due to popular demand from AAN designers, we’ve added some top-notch design sessions:

  • Do Your Covers Pop in the Box? IT’S NUMBERED “PAGE 1” FOR A REASON. Let’s talk about sex, and return rates, and those damn (beautiful) cover-stickers everybody’s been selling, and let’s look at some kick-ass covers from all over our Alt-Weekly hemisphere that will make people reach for your paper and not that crappy fake-weekly from the competition.

    Join award-winning creative director JOE MACLEOD™ for a show-and-tell with the best covers and an open and honest discussion about what makes them work (Ideas, Photos, Art, Typography, Photoshop, not much Money), and if you’re not careful you just might learn something.

  • Typography. There are more and more free and cheap fonts on the market. Without diluting your look and brand, which ones should you be
    using and when?
  • YOU are the Art Director You’ve Been Waiting For!
    Are you nervous you’re not good enough?
    Wake up at night pondering that next cover? Sweating about the one that just went to press?
    Calm down and get better.
    We’ll mine the masters of alternative design for inspiration. Using case studies from alternative publications attending the conference, we’ll explore design and art direction with an eye on tips that you can apply now — or at least next week.

These sessions are in addition to the web design sessions that have already been announced:

  • Web Design Trends. The web has finally developed to the point where stories can move beyond simple text and images. The advent of new technologies, like CSS3, HTML5, and web fonts, as well as the ability
    to use more sophisticated interactions, can help not only relate
    stories, but actually engage readers in a narrative. What do CSS3 and HTML 5 really mean? When do web fonts work best, and how do I choose them? How are web designers
    really engaging users through these methods, and are they right for
  • Web Design on a Hobo’s Budget. Learn strategies to inspire your
    right brain while exercising your left brain and how to manage staff
    that are on both sides – all on the dirt cheap!
  • Redesign Success Stories. The Chicago Reader, Gambit mobile, Willamette Week and others will talk about choices made and challenges in their latest redesign efforts.

You asked, we delivered. Now get your sweet ass to NOLA.

AAN members that register by May 27 — as in TODAY — can bring their entire staff to the convention for just $499 and stay at the fantabulous Ritz Carlton New Orleans for only $139 per night.