Village Voice Media Has 200 Reasons to ‘Pucker Up’

New York, NY — On January 16, 2008, Village Voice Media (VVM) will publish the 200th installment of Tristan Taormino’s popular sex column “Pucker Up.” To celebrate this milestone, VVM has recently expanded Taormino’s reach and is now syndicating “Pucker Up” to LA Weekly, SF Weekly, and Seattle Weekly. “Pucker Up” debuted in The Village Voice.

Said Taormino, “It’s a dream job: I get to eat, sleep, think, and write about my favorite topic: sex. It never gets boring!”

In her eight and a half years with The Village Voice, Taormino has written about diverse trends in sexuality from pubic hair grooming and anal bleaching to water sports and human pony play. She has traveled the world to give first-hand reports from fascinating and unique events like the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, an annual swinger convention in New Orleans, the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, a porn star vacation in Jamaica, an SM conference in Berlin, and the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto. She has covered the adult film industry extensively with intimate profiles of performers, producers, and directors as well as honest discussions about the 2004 HIV outbreak, safer sex practices, and STD rates among performers. Through her column, Taormino has also given readers an honest, uncensored window into her own life, including tales of teaching anal sex workshops, hosting sex parties and kinky summer camps, making porn, and being protested on college campuses.

Taormino has covered such newsworthy stories as the sex toy ban in Texas, the first union for exotic dancers, the release of the HPV vaccine, and the state of genital surgery options for transgendered men. She was the first to break the story about a new plastic surgery craze — The G-Shot, a collagen shot given to help women “find” their G-spots — in 2004, years before other writers covered it and sex experts decried it. After the publication of her two-part column “Dangerous Dildos,” about the potential dangers of phthalates in sex toys, several major sex toy companies announced they would stop selling toys that contain those chemicals. Her annual Sexy Gift Guide and The Best and Worst of Sex yearly round-up are must-reads for readers and sex industry movers and shakers.

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