AAN Releases Diversity Best Practices

AAN’s Diversity Committee has compiled a 3-page list of tips on fostering diversity and inclusion within the alternative news industry.

“Diversity is important, and almost all of us can do better with it,” said Jimmy Boegle, Tucson Weekly editor and AAN Diversity Chair. “And by doing better, that means tangible things: More readers, more advertisers, and more respect.”

Boegle said the document was the idea of former Creative Loafing (Charlotte) editor Carlton Hargro, who was previously a committee member. He credits Hargro and Jackson Free Press editor Donna Ladd with doing the “heavy lifting on the writing” and the other committee members with sharing tips and comments.

Included in the document are sections on recruiting and retaining a diverse staff, covering the diverse communities that exist within every city, and establishing a company culture which is welcoming to employees of all colors and orientations.

“There are real, specific things we can do to be more diverse in all aspects of our business,” Boegle explained. “This document has real tried-and-true tips on taking steps to solve those problems.”

Click here to download a copy of AAN Diversity/Inclusion Best Practices.

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