Bay Guardian’s Battle With SF Weekly Shifts To Calif. Supreme Court

As the ongoing legal dispute between the San Francisco Bay Guardian and SF Weekly continues to wind its way through the courts, the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Sunday profile of Bruce Brugmann calls the Bay Guardian‘s political endorsements, “among the most important to be had in San Francisco.”

In the profile, Chronicle reporter (and previous AltWeekly Awards judge) Kevin Fagan stops by the Bay Guardian office and describes a scene similar to the one David Carr witnessed in August:

Papers lie heaped against every wall – story printouts, protest posters, data sheets. Muckraking classics and bound volumes of every San Francisco Bay Guardian from 1966 on are stuffed into bookcases that surround a huge, red couch. Behind his big, messy desk are shelves with prescriptions from his family’s old drugstore in Iowa, a manual Royal typewriter, and more books.

One of the better quotes in the piece comes from Calif. Democratic stalwart John L. Burton, who explains, “Bruce is a pain in the ass, but he performs a greatly needed service.”

Meanwhile, SF Weekly and Village Voice Media quietly petitioned the California Supreme Court to review the appeals court’s decision to uphold a $22 million judgment against it. The petition was filed on Sept. 20, and this past Friday, the Bay Guardian‘s Tim Redmond published their reply brief in a blog post.

Redmond says their legal brief, “demonstrates very clearly how the big newspaper chain is trying to twist the law to allow big outfits to crush independent businesses.”

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