Salt Lake City Weekly Makes HBO Appearance

Watchers of HBO’s Bored to Death may not have noticed a shout-out to the Salt Lake City Weekly on Sunday.

Ted Danson’s character, who is the editor at a fictitious magazine, is being told by a corporate cost-cutter that certain luxuries will have to be scaled back:

No more lunches at the Four Seasons. And no more things like Orangina. This is the way I saved the Dallas Monthly and Salt Lake City Weekly.

While the notion that City Weekly was ever in need of being “saved” is entirely fictional, the Orangina bit has some basis in reality. Foster Kamer at the Village Voice notes that the scene is most likely a reference to this 2009 New York Observer piece on the cost-cutting measures then taking place at Conde Nast, which closes with the quote, “You don’t need it! You don’t need the Orangina!”

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